The Journey Begins

Grown Strong Retreats emerged in 2018 from a profound passion for fitness and adventure. Founders Lauren and Ras, bonded by their competitive CrossFit backgrounds and a wealth of travel experiences, launched their inaugural retreat in Bali. It was an immediate success, drawing nearly 40 participants over two weeks for a perfect mix of fun workouts and breathtaking explorations.

Our Philosophy

Grounded in two essentials


At the heart of Grown Strong Retreats is the belief that physical activity is not just beneficial for our health—it empowers us, fuels our passion, and instills a hunger for life. It's about more than staying active, it's about building confidence and cultivating a desire to thrive.


The world's diversity, with its many cultures, landscapes, and traditions, is a marvelous place. These are things that have to be experienced first hand. For us, travel is incomplete without the thrill of adventure. It's through venturing into the unknown that we broaden our horizons and gain a deeper appreciation for the planet and the people on it.

A Community Forged in Movement

After hosting eight retreats across three continents, the vision Lauren and Ras cherished has resonated with many, turning Grown Strong Retreats into a beloved tradition. Participants return year after year, drawn by a collective passion for movement, exploration, and culinary discovery.

Looking Ahead

The future of Grown Strong Retreats is as open and inviting as the world itself. While the destinations remain unwritten, one thing is certain: wherever we go, it will be extraordinary, filled with fitness, adventure, and exceptional food. Join us as we continue to explore, grow, and savor the journey of life.